Great Mutations

Band Website

Great Mutations is focused on growing their fan base and connecting with those fans in a personal way. The best way for them to do that is to move the party away from noisy social media and into their followers’ mailboxes.

Their website is optimized to capture email addresses and automatically add them to the band’s newsletter email campaign on MailChimp.

The full page video background grabs visitors’ attention and keeps it – bounce rates have significantly decreased, with the average page visit lasting just over three minutes. Fans are sticking around to watch the video!

Ms. Marr

Classroom Management Website

Ms. Marr is an 8th grade English teacher. She needs a way to tell students and parents what is happening in her classroom as well as a place to serve as a jumping off point for in-class assignments and lessons. Ms. Marr doesn’t futz around on the internet, she works with kids in her classroom; she does not have time to maintain a clunky content management system.

Students easily access this site where Ms. Marr posts useful online resources to help students complete their work. She spends less time directing kids where to find resources and more time helping students learn.

Parents go to the site to easily find contact info for Ms. Marr, the school’s grade book and access to assignments their students are working on in English class. Everybody stays in the loop.

WordPress makes managing online content easy for Ms. Marr. She teaches two classes – English Language Arts and Creative Writing. The content for each class stays separate on the admin side of WordPress so she doesn’t have to worry about sorting it out herself; she just adds a post to the appropriate class, assigns a category and tags so students can easily search and pushes the publish button. That’s it!


Archive Website

Swordpaw is a personal recording studio shared by me and a handful of friends. The studio is not for hire, it doesn’t sell anything, we’re not trying to get the word out or start a community…so why have a website at all?

I wanted a place to tell Swordpaw’s story, probably just to myself, but I wanted a record of the place and the projects that happened there over the years.

The site holds stories about audio recording projects. Each story on the site is easy to create and has a consistent layout thanks to WordPress custom post types. I can start a new Project Post, fill in the fields, including album artwork and music player embeds and hit publish.

As projects get added, the site maintains a nice polished look with little effort on my part. Also, I don’t have to think about what to write for each project since the writing prompts are right there in the Project Post.

Adding new content to the site is easy which means I’ll actually use it. That’s good news for future me who might want to reminisce about the good ol’ days sometime.